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Indians love brands. Even if they are spelt wrong. For instance, a Mike may have as many takers as a Nike. Well, that’s India for you. Everyone wants a piece of a big brand. And they get it: by hook or at the nook. And it is hardly surprising why the consumers aspire for such brands.

Indians love their movies and cricket. Every one follows or relates to a particular film star or a cricketing personality. They don’t just worship their demi-gods, but follow them in every thing they do. Here’s where brand endorsement comes in. And the impact it has on the consumers. No wonder, 1 in every 3 commercials will have a celebrity endorsing a brand. It helps reach the brand to the farthest corners of the country.

Below are the brands in our kitty. And they are as different as chalk and cheese. However, one thing that unites them all is that each one has Indianness integral to it – be it company values or product offerings. Browse through our list of brands we advertise for, and you would soon realise that they are either leading their category or are fierce challengers, but most importantly, naam toh suna hoga…



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