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The Open Doors…

India championed the concept of open doors. It signified the philosophy of the hosts to welcome guests with open arms on one side, and on the other, it dismissed the claustrophobic feelings for the people residing in it. It also fostered trust amongst the residents, and strengthened relationships with the outside world. In fact, there is a town in remote Maharashtra called Shani Shingnapur, where the residents don’t have doors, even today.

At Curry Nation Brand Conversations, we don’t just love this amazing concept of ‘open doors’, but also follow it. We have our office doors open all the time. We also have an open office environment – without hierarchy, without cubicles, without restrictions on any movement, and without clichés. Just in case you thought it ends here, then you should witness the camaraderie between the members. It isn’t any different from a home.