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If you have ever walked past a house in India, chances are you must have come across colourful and cheerful pictures in the courtyards. Made by hands. With an imaginative palette of colours. And a single-minded focus. Geometric, abstract, portraits, landscapes – you name it and they have it. But most importantly, they are inspired either by their immediate surroundings or fetched from folklore.

Rangolis are an integral part of Indian culture, where design sense is inculcated in young minds since childhood. The angles, the proportions, the colours are taught as a way of life. So much so, after a few years, designing becomes a second nature. At Curry Nation Brand Conversations, we have a bunch of chirpy creatives, who may not have drawn rangolis in their courtyard, but they are trained at reputed art schools, and carry an immaculate sense of design. Here’s a collection of our work.